May 16, 2019

Tad Ware & Company welcomes you to the launch of our new blog! This year marks the 40th anniversary as a Twin Cities agency, and it seems appropriate that we are publishing our blog after 4 decades filled with a proud heritage that has provided us a wealth of real-life and story-telling experience. These 40 years have generated a well of inspiration, wonder and creative “magic” for everything from food marketing to photography and video, medical product launches to brand creation, digital strategy to content creation for multiple channels and so much more.

Our primary reason for finally creating a blog was to bolster two things we take very seriously – strengthening our ability to make strong human-to-human connections and by taking the time to offer our perspectives through our creative passion and energy. By offering up the experiences that we have had with our clients and the community, we hope those connections help to generate original ideas, spark more exciting creativity, and allow new experiences that showcase our own unique personality.

Our passion shows up everywhere; in our debates on creative strategy for a customer product launch, on-set photography discussions on the placement of a pan sauce on a plate of food, brain-storming social post ideas to help build a customers brand. It comes out in our pot-luck lunch discussions about client projects as well as the 10-15 minutes that typically start our internal/team meetings. We love our work. What we love even more is knowing that energy has helped our clients reach their goals.

We’re looking forward to a new journey that will hopefully give our readers a new window into who we are – and hopefully spark some engaging conversation along the way.

On a personal note, blogging is the boogey-man rattling under my desk. I have never had a problem expressing my opinions during meetings or hallway discussions but to post your thoughts and ideas for the entire world to read, respond and share, makes that boogey-man rattle even harder. What if I am wrong? What if what I say doesn’t connect? What if nobody cares!

As a creative, we walk a path that requires us to hear feedback from everyone we pass. We take that feedback and either push forward, adjust our step, take a step back, or hold our ground. In the end, those decisions are all based on listening and thinking. I have always believed that listening is the first and most important step in creative thinking.

I believe writing from a personal level simplifies that path. It allows me to take all the conversations I have heard, articles I have read, professional and personal experiences I have had and put them into stories for others to read and add to those conversations. It encourages me to express myself at my own pace, and that is truly a unique path for me. The route may be difficult, but that makes the destination all that more exciting to reach and will allow me to learn and broaden my mind.  

Learning and broadening your mind is what I believe is the crux of what most blogs are about. If we never express ourselves and share our thoughts or face tough discussions, how will we ever know we are on the right path? Diving in to thoughts and opinions allows us to learn much more than if we decide not to engage.

Reading and listening to feedback that might take us down a different path, will help us create a more deep understanding of our own story and how we express our ideas and thoughts to our customers, colleagues, friends and family.

In the end, I hope this first post gives you a feeling of the direction we at Tad Ware & Company are heading and we are excited to bring you along on our journey.