COVID-19 Update


These are unprecedented times.


Over the past months, Tad Ware & Company prepared robust plans in the event that the COVID-19 pandemic spread to the point where it could disrupt business. Although we’re sad to need the plans we made, we’re relieved to have invested the time and effort.

We are taking all necessary measures to make sure we are complying with local, state and federal governments, while keeping our team safe and responsibly ensuring we can support our clients in this time of great need.

What we’re doing:

  • Safely maintaining seamless continuity of work for our clients and meeting evolving needs
  • Partnering with clients to make appropriate pivots in support of partner businesses and our greater community
  • Monitoring and studying our fast-changing environment and evolving strategies and direction to drive relevant communications and content
  • helping in every other way possible

The COVID-19 disruption is and will continue to be challenging. We are proud and thankful to be an organization with experience navigating uncharted waters. We are eager to continue doing everything in our power to support and create value for our clients, our partners, and our community.

Thank you clients, partners and employees.


The Tad Ware & Company team